NMG Europe is a R&D based company located in Italy, dedicated to development and marketing of lightweight structural foam materials for sandwich composites.

We are a passionate, competent and dynamic organization with an unmatched core in materials science and engineering and sandwich composite solutions development. In 2004 the company was just a research project on structural foams; strong commitment was made to drive product development in order to target industry requirements. The sectors we have focused on are wind energy and transportations, where the biggest challenge is represented by the development of solutions for improved efficiency, reduced energy consumption and environmental impact.
Our vision is to foster technology development in these sectors, that require ever more performing materials, making available to the world efficient and reliable solutions designed to be also sustainable from an environmental point of view.

Our effort was initially recognized by wind energy industry for nacelles applications where we have been building a successfully story, with more than 20.000 nacelles made of our materials worldwide. Among other successes, our products are increasingly adopted for wind blades by most of the top10s wind turbine manufacturers.

We serve now many other international leading companies and small businesses around the world active in many different sectors, including marine, rail transportation, and building & construction. But, since we have R&D as our core since the start, we keep on working on new projects, in partnership with industrial stakeholders, to bring performing composite solutions to life.

Since 2016, NMG Europe is part of an international group, NMG Composites CO., Ltd, headquartered in China, committed to providing excellent solutions to the composite industry: fiberglass reinforcements, high performance fabrics and structural cores.

R&D project is set up

Start-up of the production plant

Atlasfoam is approved by Lloyd’s Register as “Foam Core Material for FRP sandwich construction”

Development of innovative formulations of structural foams for composites applications
Set-up of a new plant for continuous production
Innovation award granted to Fenixfoam as best polymeric application in fire protection

Atlas F incremental adoption in nacelles

Atlas HPE is approved by Germanischer Lloyd for blades

Atlas F is used by the leading wind turbine manufacturers.
ATLAS HPE is approved by top Chinese wind turbine manufacturers.
Mould is supplied to one of the leading automotive company.

Atlas HPE has been presented at the 1st Wind Turbine Technology Forum in Venice

Atlas HPE is supplied to world top wind turbine manufacturers for blades

NMG Europe becomes part of NMG Composites Co., Ltd

Fenixfoam adoption by a leading company in the rail transportation sector

Atlasfoam used in floating houses

Atlas HPE is adopted by many of the top 10 wind turbine manufacturers
Atlas HPE and Atlas F are granted with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
Facilities up-sizing to 20.000 square meters

Launch of Atlas HT
Production capacity doubling to 180.000 cubic meters/year, in response to an increasing demand

Atlas HPE launch – marine applications