Criofoam is a low density structural foam suitable for applications where it’s required an optimum compromise between good mechanical properties, lightness and thermal insulation.

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> Thermal insulation
> Cryogenic applications
> LNG carriers and terminals
> Ribs for yacht


  • Homogeneity: Criofoam is an IPN polyether-polyester. IPN structures are totally different than other foams, with no weldings: it makes Criofoam a highly homogenous and therefore isotropic material that guarantee a reliable behaviour.
  • Mechanical properties: good resistance to me chanical stress/load
  • Insulation: low thermal conductivity, 0.022-0.024 W/mK at standard conditions
  • Fire reaction: Available with fire reaction grade in the class DIN 4102-1 : B2 It does not melt or drop off while burning, no flame propagation.
  • Stability, excellent dimensional stability in a continuous operating temperature range -180/+100 °C; high preservation of mechanical properties after temperature conditioning
  • High heat distortion temperature
  • Negligible water absorption, under 2% – ISO 2896
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Processability, good adhesion, it can be combined with aluminium foil, metal sheet, plastic films; as core material in sandwich composite, it is suitable for unsaturated polyester resins, epossidic resins, and vinylester resins.
  • Excellent adaptability to cover complex shapes
  • Environmental aspects: eco-friendly material: suitable for recyclability and energy recovery
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