Extreme smoothness and hardness

Mouldfoam has been specifically designed as modelling material or for tooling applications; it is used to create styling and design models, masters for composite and layup tools, prototypes, master models, and mold patterns.
Uniformity, both in density and in mechanical properties, is significantly high, thus excellent consistency is guaranteed throughout the foam board, with no density change among different sheets nor for different batches, thanks to a continuous foaming process.

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Mouldfoam is easily hand-worked and machined as well, allowing to reproduce from flat to complex design with perfect edge definition.
During machining, no dust is generated but shavings. Thanks to its very fine closed cell structure, Mouldfoam provides excellent results in terms of surface smoothness, avoiding the need of paste or other surface treatment.


  • Uniformity and Consistency: highly reliable material, for dimensional stability
  • Machinability: excellent both by hand and with CNC milling
  • No Dust: milling produces larges shaving which are easily removed from the working area
  • Smoothness: no need of further surface treatment after milling
  • Compatibility: suitable with all common adhesive or glues
  • Eco-Friendly material: suitable for recyclability and energy recovery

> Models, prototypes
> Moulds
> Cladding panels for interiors/fa├žade
> Lightweight structural board in furniture and decorative architectural elements
> Carving material in artistic and design applications

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