“At this point in my professional carrier the best I could wish for myself would have been to take part in a company where a great business potential and an ethic approach come together: we, at NMG Europe, strongly believe in the vision of a sustainable chemistry that can address big technological challenges and, at the same time, preserve the environment and the nature, and we strive day by day to make this dream come true”.

Paolo Tonutti
General Manager

Eco-sustainability is becoming mandatory for the industry both for ethical and regulatory issues. Assuming our responsibility in nature preservation and duty to future generations, at NMG Europe we have formally integrated environmental responsibility in our corporate business strategy. Life Cycle Thinking have led us to consider environmental, social and economic impacts of a product over its entire life cycle shifting our perspective from being simply business-oriented to embracing a vision of providing the whole value chain with products, services and values that are consistent not only for us, not only for the industry but for the entire ecosystem.


For us, environmental responsibility means thinking to all impact concerning our products and take corrective actions able to really mitigate these impacts. Of particular relevance, as in all industrial supply chains, is waste management, and end-of-life. For this reason, NMG Europe has always put big commitment to minimize discards and enhance recycling possibility.

Waste arising from our manufacturing lines is recycled mechanically in insulating panels for industrial and residential applications. Beyond that we have invested in chemical recycling with the aim to paving the way to circular economy in the composite field. Chemical recycling of discards is currently in its pilot stage and will be fully implanted in our production process allowing to generate raw materials from industrial discards and their re-use in first-quality products.


NMG Europe choose to adopt LCA as tool to evaluate the environmental impact, from the selection of the raw materials to waste management with the following objectives:

  • pursuing an environmental product declaration (EPD) for our products and the manufacturing process;
  • optimizing current products formulation with respect to environmental impact;
  • optimizing the production process by reducing consumption of fossil resources and emissions of greenhouse gases;
  • validating our research projects under the environmental impact profile;
  • formulating new bio-based products.

We offer our know-how and experience in LCA methodology and ecodesign to our suppliers and customers who share with us the vision for a sustainable chemistry:

  • we scout and implement bio-based raw materials and eco-certified solutions in our chemistry, promoting and valorising the effort of those suppliers who invest in eco-friendly R&D and innovation
  • we provide our customers a clear benefit through performing and environment-friendly solutions and methodologies, in line with current expectations by policy makers, with the potential to reduce also their environmental impact. As an example we are supporting Northern Light Composite in the development of the first yacht entirely recyclable where an engineered grade of Atlas HPE 120 is used.

“My passion has always been chemistry since I was at university: that’s why I joined NMG Europe many years ago. With my outstanding colleagues, we have spent years in exploring polymer chemistry where we have been able to achieve unique results in terms of materials performance. Design and development of eco-sustainable materials is our current challenge and I can say with proud that we are each day closer to this target”.

Massimo Orsini
Technical & R&D director

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Zero fossil is at the base of our environmental strategy in the long term to minimize the impact of our business in terms of natural resources and energy  consumption. These are the steps we have designed and are willing to implement accordingly:
– just water as expanding agent, no other chemicals usage
– incremental adoption of bio-based raw materials in the production process
– recycling of raw materials from waste and end-of-life products at an industrial scale
– eco-design, in partnership with our customers and suppliers, devoted to the development of composite solutions improved for easy and efficient
disassembling and recycling
– scouting and implementation of new technologies and products in production with special regards to carbon-capture polyols synthesis
– increasing energy efficiency of our plant and renewables energies exploitation